Kneipp health concept

The 5 pillars according to Kneipp

A healthy mind resides in a healthy body and vice versa. Sebastian Kneipp “preached” this knowledge 150 years ago and built his health concept on five pillars, which enabled a holistic view of the human being.

In the Kneipp cure, the first of the Kneipp pillars, water, is certainly the best known. Only through the interaction of all five pillars does Sebastian Kneipp’s philosophy become a holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle. In addition to the healing power of water, Sebastian Kneipp dealt with the effectiveness of medicinal herbs, healthy nutrition, exercise and inner balance.

The 5 pillars according to Kneipp

We are a Kneipp health resort certified by the Kneipp Association and offer our guests a comprehensive experience based on the 5 pillars of Kneipp Kneipp. So the tips from Sebastian Kneipp can be flexibly applied by each of us.

Just try it…


Water as a mediator of natural life stimuli increases performance, stimulates the immune system and improves blood circulation and body awareness. The water treatments have a preventive and therapeutic effect on the nervous and endocrine systems as well as on the psyche. Water applications according to Kneipp are individually and finely graduated and can be tailored exactly to the respective person and situation.

There are a total of 120 Kneipp water treatments. In our Kneipp unit you can enjoy some of these Kneipp treatments. Well-known water applications according to Kneipp are treading water, the arm bath, water jet, alternate water jet, partial water jet, full baths, partial baths and cold or warm packs.

A special feature of the Krumbad are packs with a special, localized peloid (from Greek pelos = mud), the Krumbad Badstein. This can be used warm and cold, as a compress or directly on the skin, and also as a full bath.


Achieve health through exercise and sport – an active lifestyle has a multitude of positive effects on one’s own health. Regular exercise and physical training lower blood pressure, regulate blood sugar levels, increase muscle strength and balance, strengthen mental and motor skills and ensure a lastingly relaxed mind.

Just try it out with one of our courses, in the fitness room or on the surrounding hiking trails around the Krumbad.

Medicinal herbs

Plants, parts of plants and their preparation in powder extracts or tinctures can be used to treat and prevent diseases and disorders. Even then, Pastor Kneipp recommended the use of medicinal herbs, internally in the form of tea or juice, externally in the form of ointments, oils, rubs or additives to wraps and baths.

The Krumbad offers a variety of opportunities to experience the power of medicinal herbs. Our own herb garden can be visited at any time and serves as the basis for cooking and therapy. You can not only enjoy the soothing herbal aromas and nature, but also learn a lot. Various information boards inform you about the herbs that grow here and the diseases that the herbs can help to treat.

In addition, lavender is grown, which is used to fill our herbal stamps, which are used for the soothing herbal stamp massage. For our feel-good massages and baths, we only use natural oils.


A conscious diet is important for general well-being and improving the success of the cure. Since nowadays most illnesses or functional disorders also have nutrition-dependent components, a holistic health-oriented lifestyle according to Kneipp must be taken into account. If you want to change your diet according to Kneipp, then you should pay attention to seasonal, regional and simple ingredients as well as eat lots of fruit and vegetables and little meat.

In the Krumbad we make it easy for you to eat healthy and delicious according to the rules of Kneipp. Our breakfast buffet is always stocked with our own cereal, fresh fruit, juice and whole wheat bread to ensure our guests get the day off to a great start. We offer you a vegetarian lunch menu option and a rich and varied salad buffet every day. Our restaurant is happy to adapt to all types of diet, allergies and intolerances and prepares tasty dishes that are especially suitable for you. We would also be happy to help you with nutritional advice so that the change also works at home.

Inner Balance

The order therapy is based on the idea of ​​a balanced lifestyle that takes equal account of body, mind and soul. Kneipp believed that a healthy mind is closely related to a healthy body. What is now known as order therapy or order of life simply describes keeping the balance in life.

A healthy balance includes enough sleep, a regular routine, balanced work and leisure activities as well as a positive attitude and philosophy of life. Kneipp recommends meditation, mindfulness and other forms of relaxation.

In the Krumbad we offer you various courses, treatments and places for relaxation and reflection. Or you simply enjoy the beautiful nature around the Krumbad and let your soul dangle.