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Spa and relax massages


Our spa and relax massages are like a little holiday in between. As a result of exclusive aromas, relaxing atmosphere and not least the magic hands of our staff, your body, mind and soul are harmonized. You can relax, blockades and tensions are loosened, your self-healing powers are activated and you feel fit again for your daily life.

Our offers

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Herbal stemp massage

A wonderfully relaxing massage with herbal stamps which are filled with fragrant herbs, enriched with special pure oils.

The stamps are heated and unfold their effect during the specific course of movements of the massage (pull, knead, turn, press) along the energy and meridian channels.

Stimulating the metabolism, purifying, skin-caring, against muscle tensions. As shoulder, neck, partial or whole body treatment.

La stone massage

A holistic treatment originating from the USA to loosen the musculature and for activating the self-healing powers.

Through the warmth the energy centres are especially opened and the way into absolute deep relaxation is prepared. Lying on a massage table, the body is treated with fragrant oil.

The therapist massages the body with hot basalt stones. Cooled marble stones are used alternately. (As back or full body treatment)

Aroma massage

The body is massaged with high-quality, essential oils.

The curative effects of the oils unfold over the skin and the sense of smell. Tensions are loosened; skin, tissues and muscle fibres are increasingly supplied with blood. Aromas promote the psyche harmonisation.

Himalaya Abhyanga massage

Tibetan-Ayurvedic full body oil massage:

This treatment is a combination of a soft full-body massage with warm oil and the treatment of the reflex zones, the marmas. An oil blend especially chosen for the harmonisation of the respective dosha type nourishes the skin and activates the deeper lying layers of tissue.

This massage promotes the purification, strengthening and relaxation. Additionally, it balances the subtle energies of the body. A damp warm back pad with sandalwood at the end of the treatment leads to additional well-being, relaxation and contentment.

Sound massage

Various singing bowls are put on different parts of the body and stroked.

The sound is transferred from the bottom of the respective bowl as vibration into the body and spreads out there. The whole body seems to be vibrating which leads to deep relaxation.

Blockages can be loosened and tensions relieved. The breath becomes calm and deep. In case of pain and high blood pressure, and for stress handling.

Food reflexology massage

Using a special massage technique, the reflex zones at the foot are treated and the thereon linked organ and tissue functions are positively influenced.

The effect reaches not only the physical but also the psychological and emotional area.

As a gentle and also very effective method of treatment, the foot reflexology is suitable for persons of all ages, e.g.in case of back and joint pains as well as tensions.

Classic massage therapy

During the classic massage therapy, tensions are loosened, pains relieved and thus movements facilitated by means of stroking, kneading, rubbing, pounding, etc.