Wellness area

Krumbad’s spa area invites to linger…


… just arrive – relax – feel good!

You can contact us at +49 (8282) 906-0 or info@krumbad.de.

Our comfort sauna

… does not only stimulate sweating! A new awareness of life! At temperatures of up to 90°C the classic Finnish sauna stimulates the metabolism. The air is dry. The addition of herbal fragrances opens the air ways. Regularly taking a sauna noticeable increases the body’s defensive forces.

Our panorama swimming pool

… offers a wonderful view towards the surrounding nature. Experience our 30-32°C warm heated panorama swimming pool. It invites you to bath, swim, move and relax…

Our relaxation area

… invites you to relax after physical activity, sauna, steam bath, a massage, …

Our rasul bath

… loosens the musculature, promotes the general well-being and most of the times triggers a comfortable tiredness. Hot air with high humidity. During the Rasul bath, the Krumbad bath stone is applied to the skin as a peeling.

Our massage area

… a little break in between. Selected fragrances, a relaxing atmosphere and, last but not least, the magical hands of our employees bring body, mind and soul back into harmony.

Our fitness area

You are welcome to work out in our fitness room or attend one of our relaxation or movement courses. Just approach us before or during your stay.