Wellness baths

Spa and relax baths


Our wellness baths are like a break from the stressful everyday life. A relaxing atmosphere and selected additives bring body, mind and soul back into harmony. You come to rest, blockages and tension are released, your self-healing powers are mobilized and you feel fit for your everyday life again.

Our offers

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Soft-pack bed

Optimal, pressure free reclining comfort in a warm waterbed lead to comforting relaxation.

Slowly rising temperature, extra soft bedding and the direct contact to the respective treatment agent intensify the therapeutic effect and the well-being.

We use the soft-pack bed for many different treatments:

  • cooling soft-pack lounger with clay, mint, horse chestnut (particularly suitable for vein problems, refreshing in summer)
  • Natural peloid pack with Krumbad Bastein (particularly beneficial for rheumatic complaints and muscle tension)
  • Hay bath (has an invigorating and detoxifying effect)
  • Evening primrose oil cream bath (has a nurturing and healing effect on skin irritation)

Rasul bath

A skin care ceremonial originating from the orient, where the siliceous Krumbad Badstein applied as medicinal mud is used as a nurturing body scrub.

Purification, stimulation of the tonicity, stimulation of the metabolism and strengthening of the skin are medicinal and cosmetic effects. The steam bath dampens the slightly dried mud, a pleasant, warm “rain” finally washes it up.

Kneipp water treatments

Cold water has an invigorating and calming effect, warm water has a soothing effect on muscle tension.

Win addition, we also apply water jets with changing temperatures on legs or arms, as back, neck, upper or full body water jets.