mission and vision

Mission and vision of the Health Spa Krumbad


While in the historic park, the elegant pavilion and the whole site the charm of a traditional house can still be felt, the Krumbad has long since started to go modern ways: from new forms of therapy in the field of fitness, active and passive spa -which should not only be healing but also increasingly preventive – to attractive offers for celebrations, conferences and enjoyment.

It is our effort to fulfil comprehensive health wishes and requests, requirements and expectations of our guests – physical as well as emotional and mental needs. Provided with various healing powers, we have much to offer that people relate to quality of life, efficiency, well-being, return, strengthening of physical and psychical recourses as well as spirituality and mental balance.

High professional competence, elegant atmosphere, balanced range of offers, various architectural stylistic periods, warm hospitality in monastic charm, diverse space on offer and functional interior design, inspiring service quality, pastoral support and care, a fascinating history and the beautiful nature build a healing correlation. “… the lovely Krumbad (is like) a bright, jewel framed by fresh green!” Neue Augsburger Zeitung, September 1st, 1911.

Health maintenance, cure and relief are – today as well as tomorrow – the centre of our actions. Namely for the human as a whole. Everything is aimed to make sure that our guests feel better after their stay with us. “Recovery, healing as well as the healing encounter with the humans of his time was Dominikus Ringeisen’s desire. This great desire is still being fulfilled up to this vey day.” (Sr. M. Gunda Gruber, Mother Superior of St. Josef’s Congregation in Ursberg)